Craft Brewing Traditions

The tradition of brewing Zoller-Hof beers in Sigmaringen on the river Danube dates back over 170 years. The family run brewery today is as committed to the German brewing traditions as it was then.


The quality of the beers is much more than the sum of their best ingredients. In addition, experience, care, dedication and love for the product result in outstanding beer specialties full of character and personality from the Danube valley. This is publicly illustrated and confirmed with numerous awards year after year, including the “Award of the Best in Gold” for the company from the German Agriculture Society (DLG), the year after year DLG-awards for the best individual products and the highest “decoration” at the annual international iTQi-Award.
zoller hof

Green Thinking

For all Zoller-Hof beers only the finest aroma and bitter hops from the South of Germany in Hallertau and Tettnang on Lake of Constance are being used, which rank among the highest classified hops available. No hop extract is used in order to meet the highest quality expectations in terms of aroma and bouquet. The philosophy of being in balance with nature and the ambition to minimize the brewery’s carbon foot print is exemplified by the use of fresh water from the brewery’s own well and the 100 % reliance on energy produced by hydro-electric power for its production and bottling operations.


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